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We are a scientific manufacturer in the environment, and health-related technology in the UK aims to help all institutions,  medical and dental practices to fight against Covid-19. 

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dental and maxillifacial surgery

Disinfecting of dental impressions via short-term immersion in 1% of HOCL. This Does not affect the dimmensional accuracy.


HOCL as a mouthwash to begin Dental procedures. High concentrations of HOCl promote healing by regulating cytokines and growth factors, killing pathogens through chlorination or oxidation, and modulating inflammation through the effects on nuclear factor κB and activator protein-1


To treat Peri Implantitis same as CHX (Chlorhexidine. HOCl is effective for cleaning biofilm-contaminated implant surfaces and has the potential to be an antiseptic for peri-implantitis treatment. the efficacy of HOCl is equivalent to NaOCl and CHX. The concentration of HOCl (0.018%) was lower than those for NaOCl (1.3%) and CHX (0.2%) but still showed efficacy against the four bacterial species. Notably, HOCl was superior to the other antiseptics in the reduction of residual LPS from P. gingivalis

Oral Medicine

To disinfect environment, Dental Equipments and Scrub the hands​


Hypochlorous acid (HOCl) has both proinflammatory and anti-inflammatory properties, and seems to play an important role in the immune system. The regulation of normal flora contributes to periodontal health, and HOCl seems to have the ability to attack Gram-negative pathogens during periodontitis.

Pediatric dentistry

To disinfect environment, Dental Equipments and Scrub the hands. The HOCl would be applied directly to the targets such as surfaces or equipments by spray bottle and wiped after . For disinfection of air and spaces, we recommend and provide timing fogging devices that deliver controlled decontaminant aerosols to the air of the dental clinic, a treatment room, waiting room, offering the control of airborne viral and bacterial particles.

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We help you to fight against Covid-19 in dental practice

Dental Clinics are at the highest risk

The lockdown eventually will be finished but Coronavirus infection not. Dental pravtices would be under a great risk. SanClean GS-240 could be a vital solution to keep dentists , staffs and patients safe and healthy. A stable and high quality Hypochlorous acid (HOCL) is the key role player to bring back the dental clinics to operation. 

Keep yourselves safe to keep your patients safe.


We are a scientific manufacturer in the environment, and health-related technology in the UK aims to help all institutions and medical practices to fight against Covid-19. 

Throughout the COVID-19 crisis, the dental profession has been one of the most at-risk groups due to close contact with patients, exposure to their aerosols and bodily fluids, and the handling of many contaminated instruments. All of these increase the risk of infection. So what can you do to keep yourself, your dental practice, and your patients safe? We have compiled a list of our products you can implement to contribute to fighting an epidemic, not only the COVID-19 one, in your dental clinic. Our latest technology of hypochlorous acid generates the best natural sanitizer at a very stable formula of Hocl (Anolyte). HOCL as a natural and not- chemical, non-toxic sanitizer has a strong impact on a wide spectrum of pathogens, and its efficacy to coronavirus has been tested and approved by many governmental institutions like  FDA (USA) and USD Organic as well as many independent research centers and scholars.  As many scientific papers reported it would be expected to receive favorable results in dental practices. Therefore by setting up this intelligent automatic SanClean GS-240  you get a guardian for the safety of your teamwork, your patients, and survive your business. SanClean GS-240 is an innovative third-generation technology, User-Friendly, auto installation program, low maintenance, and in very reasonable price. It would be very economical for your dental clinic in comparison with purchasing hazardous and chemical-based sanitizers if you could find in the shortage of virus pandemic. 

By SanClean HOL your hands, instruments, and surfaces would remain in the safest condition. 

SanClean HOCL can eliminate 99.99% of pathogen microorganisms easily and quickly 100 times effective than bleach just in many seconds on contact. You can use it by container, sprayer, or fogger machines. 

Lockdown will be removed but not coronavirus from our societies, you need to get a guardian against it. 

Be ready to come back to practice.


  • Portable Sterilization and disinfection solution generator controlled by micro-computer, using easily available salt (Tube1) and water to make HOCL for effective sanitizing and provided (Tube 2) and water to make KOH for effective cleaning.
  • Portable Sterilization and disinfection solution generator can effectively kill 99% bacteria. Disinfectant machine controlled by micro-computer, using easily available salt and water to make HOCL and provided Tube 2 to make KOH for effective cleaning. 2 in one device.
  • Self Made Hypochlorous Acid, Efficient, safe and non-toxic, residue-free and natural disinfectant, Sterilization rate 99.99%, Effectively kill many kinds of pathogenic bacteria, Viruses and Fungus includes bacillus, E.coli, Staphylococcus aureus, poliovirus and white beads, black variant spore, Avian Virus, Hepatitis B &C and SARS.


  • Ideal for for sanitizing of Home, Office, Clinics, Weternry, Hotel, Restaurant Pet Nest Bathroom. disinfecting bedroom, children’s toys and pet nest kitchen along with disinfection of wounds, preservation of seafood, meat, fruits and vegetables, disinfection of mosquito bites, and cleaning of private areas.
  • Choose the concentration of disinfection water you make according to the area you need to disinfect at home, and to safely sterilize all objects and areas like clothing, food, housing equips and transportation. Don’t need any kind of bleach and harmful chemical detergents.


New methods of disinfection to help maintain effective bioburden control
Hypochlorous acid (ECAS): evidence for antimicrobial efficacy and applications in healthcare environments

R. M. S. Thorn & S. W. H. Lee & G. M. Robinson & J. Greenman & D. M. Reynolds

Due to the limitations associated with the use of existing biocidal agents, there is a need to explore new methods of disinfection to help maintain effective bioburden control, especially within the healthcare environment. The transformation of low mineral salt solutions into an activated metastable state, by electrochemical unipolar action, produces a solution containing a variety of oxidants, including hypochlorous acid, free chlorine and free radicals, known to possess antimicrobial properties. Electrochemically activated solutions (ECAS) have been shown to have broad-spectrum antimicrobial activity, and have the potential to be widely adopted within the healthcare environment due to low-cost raw material requirements and ease of production (either remotely or in situ). Numerous studies have found ECAS to be highly efficacious, as both a novel environmental decontaminant and a topical treatment agent (with low accompanying toxicity), but they are still not in widespread use, particularly within the healthcare environment. This review provides an overview of the scientific evidence for the mode of action, antimicrobial spectrum and potential healthcare-related applications of ECAS, providing an insight into these novel yet seldom utilised biocides.

Eur J Clin Microbiol Infect Dis (2012) 31:641–653 DOI 10.1007/s10096-011-1369-9

Effectiveness of hypochlorous acid to reduce the biofilms on titanium alloy surfaces in vitro
Microbe(s):Escherichia coli, Porphyromonas gingivalis, Enterococcus faecalis, Streptococcus sanguinis

ABSTRACT – Full Text PDF 223

Chemotherapeutic agents have been used as an adjunct to mechanical debridement for peri-implantitis treatment. The present in vitro study evaluated and compared the effectiveness of hypochlorous acid (HOCl), sodium hypochlorite (NaOCl), and chlorhexidine (CHX) at eliminating Gram-negative (E. coli and P. gingivalis) and Gram-positive (E. faecalis and S. sanguinis) bacteria 

ABSTRACT – Full Text PDF 254


Introduction This study evaluated the bactericidal effect of strong acid electrolyzed water (SAEW) against flow Enterococcus faecalis biofilm and its potential application as a root canal irrigant. Methods Flow E. faecalis biofilms were generated under a constant shear flow in a microfluidic system. For comparison, static E. faecalis biofilms were generated under a static condition on coverslip surfaces. Both the flow and static E. faecalis biofilms were treated with SAEW. 

ABSTRACT – Full Text PDF 254

Electrolyzed strong and weak acid waters have been widely used for sterilization in clinical dentistry because of their excellent bactericidal activities. Electrolyzed neutral water was recently developed with a new concept of long-term good durability in addition to the excellent bactericidal activity similar to acid waters. 

This study investigated the antibacterial effect of electrolyzed water on oral bacteria both in vitro and in vivo. Tap water was electrolyzed in a water vessel using platinum cell technology. The electrolyzed tap water (called Puri-water) was put in contact with five major periodontopathogens or toothbrushes contaminated with these bacteria for 30 sec.